Industries Using eWebmin Online Booking Software

If you book {insert here} for your clients, then eWebmin is more than likely your solution. Companies all over the world find eWebmin useful for managing their bookings, even if that is just a small part of your business. Even if your business type isn't listed below, chances are you would still benefit from eWebmin.

  • online booking for photographers


    Keep track of all the vendors at your event, establish relationships, and put your talent as a photographer to work without worrying about the tough stuff like running a business. It's just as easy to use for your in-house studio bookings. eWebmin easily streamlines this for you in the snap click of a mouse!

  • online booking for videographers


    eWebmin allows you to keep track of where you are at within your event. Don't worry about losing track of where you are at with the pre-event planning, event video shooting, and post-event production. Enter notes, assign to-do items and much much more that will give you extreme organization of your company.

  • online booking for DJ disc jockeys

    Disc Jockeys

    It's easy to get lost in the entertaining side of being a Disc Jockey, and lose focus of the business part of it. eWebmin makes it easy to run your company without daily interaction required! You'll never forget an event with the email reminder features of eWebmin, your clients WILL notice the difference.

  • online booking for banquet halls and venues

    Event Venues

    Venue are greatful for eWebmin and it's robust ability to build an event. Not only can you assign the room at your massive venue, but you can also sell the banquet packages, meals, accessories and much more! eWebmin also gives your venue easy options for knowing who the other vendors are involving this event.

  • online booking for bands


    Every band member can be set up with different levels of access depending on what they need to view. Additionally, your manager and agents need to know whether they are bringing in outside sound, the venue is providing or you are bringing your house system. All of that and a ton more can be tracked inside eWebmin.

  • online booking for caterers


    Catering is one of eWebmin's top users. From the meal options, to the tables, chairs, decorations, utencils and more...planning is easy in eWebmin. Assign the prep team in 1 location, and another serving team at another location, with each staff member having their role and work times laid out. It's all part of eWebmin.